Just a warning notice. Over the next few days there is going to be a large scale clearing of plots. Any plot that has been left unused for a while will be cleared and resold. The owner of the plot will be refunded the plot’s price at point of purchase. 

If you still play and plan to do something with your plot, or will be away for a prolonged period of time then please either post in the AFK section of the Nerdcrafteria forums, or leave a sign on your plot stating as such. The staff do not want to take away your plot, however we do want towns with plots that are used rather than left empty or just used to store a single chest.

Nerdville (the main town) will likely be the first to receive this treatment, followed closely by lighthouse point.

Agloe is still a young town and so may not be as directly affected.

Green Hills will have plenty of new plots opening soon, and may already be open by the time you read this.

Old Nerdcrafteria/Southtown: I can speak most about this one. As a mod on the server and current mayor of SoTo (as it’s come to be known as) I can tell you that the town will face a similar situation to Nerdville. I will also be opening new plots for purchase, which I would prefer to give to people who don’t have a plot anywhere at all. Over the next few days, plots that have been unused will be cleared and resold at my discretion with consultation with the admins.

If you own more than one plot in any of the towns (and we can easily find out who does) then I would advise that you sell it soon. The usual punishment is a fine, which we will take from you possibly without your knowledge. As Nerdfighters I think we should understand that hoarding plots is the opposite of awesome, especially when there is such demand.

Thank you for your time and your understanding,