Hi! I was just wondering how to know how many llamas we have in the game?

Any new player that joins the server starts off with a balance of 500 llamas. From there, you can always use the command /money to check on your balance when you are curious to see how much you have. :)

Can anyone create a warp? Some people have them for their plots because their plots are shops. If I wanted to open a shop, could I create a warp for myself in order to increase traffic?

You can purchase a warp with llamas in game for 100,000. When you have the money, just make a modreq where you want the warp and a staff member will be with you as soon as possible! 

This would be my first time using a server so I don't really know how to get on. I already made my account on the forum site and I own the full version of mc. what do I do next?

1. Open up your minecraft client. Log in.

2. Follow the instructions found here: on how to set up a profile for the server. We are currently using 1.7.10. That is the version you should choose. 

3. Press Play. 

4. Press Multiplayer. 

5. Press Add Server

6. Put a name for the server (NC, Nerdcrafteria, whatever)

7. Put the IP in:

8. Click Done. 

9. Click on the server you’ve just added and click join, or double click the server. 

10. Congratulations, you’ve joined the server. If it’s your first time, be sure to read all the signs carefully, read the /rules and get the guidebooks before pressing the button to get yourself ranked up and jumping into the portal pool!

Found these confused fellows out in Mineworld the other day.


Happy Birthday Nerdcrafteria!

Today was so fun. Between the thestral tours of Hogwarts to games and trivia and lost Trevor, the staff helped put on such an amazing 2nd Birthday Celebration! Thank you!

Anyways, besides all the birthday fun, I spent most of the day working on this. Here’s a spoiler of my entry for the Green Hills Creative contest! Oof, it came down to the last minute, but I’m really rather proud of this! 




It’s Nerdcrafteria’s 2nd Birthday! To celebrate, we are doing another carnival! This week of festivities won’t be the all-out carnival of the summer, but I’m still extremely happy with all of the builds that have already popped up, and for the builds that are still just a figment of someone’s imagination!

BLOCK’s members and I have spent a lot of time working on BLOCK’s mini golf, and it turned out great. It’s a lot of fun to play :3

Be sure to check out what has been built, or build your own unique creation to celebrate the server’s 2nd birthday, over at /warp Carnival :D


September 19th, 2014 - Yes, I know, more Minecraft - but I have an actual comic in the queue for next week, I promise!

Hopefully now I can get back on track with this comic thing… but I always have more screenshots to pick up the slack in case I’m being swamped with too much school.

Anyway, this is my entry for the Green Hills contest at Nercrafteria, which was still being judged last I checked. But this is basically the outside of the thing, so… enjoy. :D


First Edition: Why Do College Books Cost So Much?
Previous Edition: Nerdcrafteria Build - Great Deku Tree
Next Edition: Decompression, and Why It’s Important


The sign does not lie


:D What an amazing statue!


:D What an amazing statue!


A while back, I joined the Service Members Memorial Project (SMMP) on the Nerdcrafteria server. The idea is to make monuments for each branch of the military and civilian service to remember people who died in service.

The civilians (police, firefighters and EMS) one was tasked to me. I have many friends in those communities, so it meant something to me to have the chance to work on this. 

These photos are what I came up with for it. I was going for simple & clean so as to not take away from the message of the memorial. I’m proud of what I was able to do here, even though creating a thing in a video game like this might seem a bit silly to some.