Trying to force myself to build more/more consistently, also realised I barely ever post minecraft screenshots on here which is weird considering how much time i spend playing minecraft.

I built this in a really weird order so I’m not mega happy with it but eh I don’t hate it. I like the interior decorating a bit more than i usually do.

Near /warp gluetopia on


I wasn’t entirely happy with my plot in Blackguard Bay, so I decided to tear 90% of it down and rebuild it more or less from scratch. I still liked some of the initial ideas I had, particularly with the entryway, so I kept that concept and changed the materials. It may not be strictly pirate-themed, but I feel like it belongs in the town a little more now.

I also get some awesome views from the platform i added up top when the world decides to load


Sometimes when I’m playing on Nerdcrafteria I forget that I’m in the presence of epically awesome builds like the freaking Chamber of Secrets

How do I sell items? I went to /warp info and tried to follow the instructions, but it doesn't seem to be working.

Are you trying to sell items at the admin shop or a chest shop? When you do /warp ashop, it tells you which click buys or sells items (Usually left click to sell, right click to buy.). Try making sure you have nothing in your hand. Not all shops buy AND sell items, some only sell them, so be sure there’s both a B price and a S price. If there’s only the B price, it means that shop only sells the item, it won’t buy it from you. 


July 18th, 2014 - So, yeah. Not a comic. But I do have some cool Minecraft pictures for you! Anyway, here’s the lowdown on this thing:

Like the pictures I posted awhile back with the mid-sized castle in them, this creation was also made from the floorplans of falcon01, though the ones I used were part of the fixed version on his ColtCoyote account, which now account for the fireplace in the fifth picture. (Couldn’t get any actual fire, since only mods can light them and they were busy with the Marvel auction at the time.)

  • First picture is the inside of the stables (see part 2 for location)
  • Then the storage room (there are 2 of these)
  • A quaint little kitchen
  • The inn’s dining hall
  • The first floor fireplace, which is now fixed!
  • Then the 2 person bedroom. There are 12 in total like this one, and only 4 of them are on the first floor.
  • A multi-bedroom on the first floor, on the opposite side of the dining hall
  • Another 2 person bedroom with different layout - two of these are located on the second floor.
  • The back of the inn, showing the small fountain. :)

More will come in part 2, which I would expect later today!

(Also, I’d love if the RSA built something like this during one reset. Would really help out a lot of new players. :D)


First Edition: Why Do College Books Cost So Much?
Previous Edition: How Do You Like Your Books?
Next Edition: In Which I Talk About Body Image & How You See Yourself


Nerdcrafteria Build - Large Inn Part 2

Special add-on to weekly comic post: Part 1.

  • Front of inn, location of the two stables, see part 1 for details
  • Special looking 2-person bedroom on second floor - only one with this layout!
  • Attic rooms 1, 2, and 3
  • Finally, highest attic rooms are just two long hallways

So, yeah. I really like this thing. If you’re ever on the Nerdcrafteria creative server, just type /plotme home TimeSorceror into the command box and have fun exploring. :D

Is there a way to give someone a plot? I'm going to quit the sever, and know someone who would like it. I would just add them and continue playing, but the lag and getting kicked off every 10 minutes has gotten under my skin and I don't find it as fun as I once did. ): Also, thank you so much for your time with this, it's truly wonderful!

You can modreq to transfer ownership of your plot to another player, assuming they do not already have a plot in that town. 

If someone gets banned, what happens to their plots? /seen says that my neighbor hasn't been on in four months and is banned. Is it dependent on whether it's a tempban or a permaban?

If a player is banned and their plots come up for reclaim, they can lose their plots yes. 

If a player is permanently banned, their plots can be reclaimed at any time, depending on when the mayor of the town decides to do so. 

HI there! If I am disconnected from the server for more than two weeks, is that included in being AFK? And also, if I think I am going to be AFK and i fill out the form, will I still be able to go on the server during the time I predicted I would be off?

If you are unable to log onto the server for two or more weeks, yes, you are considered AFK and should file an AFK form if you wish to save your plots, etc. 

If you occasionally show up during your AFK time, you’re not going to be penalized, nor is your AFK notice revoked. We’ll just shake our heads a bit and shrug. ;) 



Still by far the funniest screenshot I’ve ever taken on the Nerdcrafteria Minecraft server.


Still by far the funniest screenshot I’ve ever taken on the Nerdcrafteria Minecraft server.